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Going There  2012 Pulitzer Prize winner Craig F. Walker    by Patti Millington
The Honolulu Museum of Art     by Michael Shewmaker
A Thirty Year Conversation With Conceptual Artist Jeannie Cartabiano     by Stephen Freedman
MORIMOTO     by Michael Shewmaker
Collaboration Experiment at UHH     by Michael Shewmaker


Ben's New Leg!!   update
Andrzej Kramarz:  LOOPS
 by Ewelina Lasota
Guggenheim Bilbao   by Michael Shewmaker
The Way itís Made: 
Michael Frimkess and the Practice of Impracticality 
by Gary Steinborn
Race & Racism: parts 3, 4 & 5   by Leonard Freedman
Is Global Art Possible?:  parts 3 & 4
  by Dusan Bogdanovic
UH Hilo Poetry Blues Project   by Michael Marshall


Poi Dogs   by Darrell Orwig
Valerie Y. O. Kim
  by Scott Yoell & Sally Lundberg
Race And Racism   by Leonard Freedman
Is Global Art Possible?
   by Dusan Bogdanovic
A Piece of Land - WWII Survivor's Stories Part 5   by Andrzej Kramarz
FACES OF HAWAII Photo Portrait Competition 2011


John Dawson's Vision   by Michael Shewmaker
Zach Pezzillo:  Another Face of Hawaii
 by Patti Millington
Liljestrand House   by Michael Shewmaker
Darrell Orwig:  Waltzing With Time & Place
   by James Rhodes
A Piece of Land - WWII Survivor's Stories Part 4   by Andrzej Kramarz
Loathing Subjectivity  by Kevin Dininyatz
Garden of Dreams  by Ken & Mary Goodrich
The Merchant of Venice   Shakespeare in the Park
Raku Ho'olaule'a  Dustin Miyakawa


BUTOH at idspace   Dancers Masame Yurabe and Shizuno Nasu perform together with the gardens of idspace as their stage.
FACES OF HAWAII Photo Portrait Competition 2010 exhibition
Savant   short story by Stephen Freedman
Bradajo: Pidgin Poet
   by Stephen Freedman
A Piece of Land - WWII Survivor's Stories Part 3  
by Andrzej Kramarz

The Gorilla On The Basketball Court  by Stephen Freedman
Wayne Levin  at the Donkey Mill
Albert Paley   UH Hilo visiting artist
Legacy of Land   MACC Schaefer International Gallery


Kapulani Landgraf   by Darrell Orwig
Neon Cowgirl Dreams - A Portrait of Margo Ray  by Sally Lundburg
YOUR Art Collection  by Michael Shewmaker
Breaking News - Joe Hampton at idspace
A PIECE OF LAND - WWII Survivor's Stories Part 2
Andrzej Kramarz
The Prince: A South Central Story  by Stephen Freedman
Seisho Kuniyoshi Part II  by Clayton Amemiya


Dedicated to the memory of Wayne Miyamoto
Seisho Kuniyoshi Part I by Clayton Amemiya
Jim Rhodes:  Beside the Fire   by Stephen Freedman
Ron Mueck
   by Michael Shewmaker
A Piece of Land - WWII Survivor's Stories Part 1  
by Andrzej Kramarz

The Work - Keith Tallett   by Scott Yoell
Moire Paintings  by Charles Yuen
Out Of Hawaii   15 Hawaii Artists in NYC Art Fair


photo essay by Ed Goldstein
Mayumi Oda
by Lynne Farr
Tobias Brill - Means Motive & Opportunity by Stephen Freedman
2009 Hilo International Invitational Works on Paper Exhibition by Wayne Miyamoto


Burma    photo essay by Steven Garon
Monopoly   by Scott Yoell
Tough Times for the Arts?  by Darrell Orwig
House of Cards   editorial
Crossing the Atlantic   by Dusan Bogdanovic

Expression and Communication:
Hans Ladislaus   by Stephen Freedman
A Unique Breed   Pacific Biennial National Print Exhibition   by Dan Hoskins
Getting Ahead  editorial
New Year's Celebration   photo essay   by Macario
Toward a New Synthesis  final installment   by Dusan Bogdanovic

Clayton Amemiya   Anagama Potter
   by Stephen Freedman 
Marie Fontana   A Global Palette   by Reid Mackenzie
Toward a New Synthesis   by Dusan Bogdanovic

Susumu Sakaguchi & Shizuno Nasu   A Romance with Art   by Lynne Farr
Bowled Over   by Amaury Saint-Gilles
Unthinking the Thinkable   Editorial
Arts @ Work for Youth Portrait Exhibition
   Cyber idspace Virtual Gallery

Randy Takaki  
Quietly   by Lynne Farr               Kaori Ukaji   by Amaury Saint-Gilles
A Global Context for Art in Hawaii   (Closed Captions for the Art Impaired)   by Darrell Orwig
Who Owns These Questionable Brains?   by Dusan Bogdanovic
Process through Product   HAC Apprentice Work   by Stephen Freedman
BREAK   Paintings by Monika Mann in the Cyber idspace Virtual Gallery 

Darrell Orwig at idspace
Good Roads and Bad Dreams   by Duane Preble
Shingo Honda   expresses impermanence   by Lynne Farr                     
Wailehua Gray   Remembering a Much Missed Friend   by Amaury St. Gilles
Ron Smith   in an exhibition of 'Untitled' Recent Works   by Stephen Freedman                        

Michael Shewmaker   Light Shards
and much more...



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